How to save Kazakhstani Beeline number abroad

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How to keep a Beeline Kazakhstan number abroad

Hello, in this article, I will tell you how you can preserve the number of the Kazakhstan operator Beeline if you are not using it or are abroad. Of course, you’ll need to spend a little money on this, but Beeline KZ offers a couple of options that allow you to keep your number.

This information will be helpful for those who are leaving Kazakhstan for an extended period but want to retain their number. Or for Russians and other foreigners who, for example, have opened bank accounts in Kazakhstan and now fear losing their number.

How not to lose your Beeline KZ number

Situations vary; some people travel abroad for an extended period but want to retain their number, while I, for instance, have bank accounts and cards in Kazakhstan. Consequently, losing my number is equivalent to losing my Kazakhstani bank cards. Many people worry about preserving their number for these reasons.

If no paid actions are taken, such as making calls, internet usage, or paying the subscription fee, Beeline can simply deactivate your number after 3 months. Therefore, the only option is to perform a paid action.

Beeline offers options to keep your number. One is inexpensive, another is more expensive, and the third is practically free.

Option 1: You can subscribe to the cheapest paid plan, but it comes with additional expenses. You’ll be charged monthly, and the costs can be significant. For example, the “Mega 3990” plan will cost you 3990 tenge per month (~$8 per month).

So it’s better to switch to the “Simple” plan, which doesn’t have a subscription fee. Then you have the following options. If you are in Kazakhstan, you can simply make a call to another number every couple of months. This way, money will be deducted from your account, and your number will be preserved.

Option 2: If you are abroad, it’s also better to have the “Simple” plan. You’ll need to activate the “Easy Roaming+” service, which has a daily subscription fee of 59 tenge.

To do this, you’ll need the “Beeline KZ” app. On the “My Number” page, go to the “Roaming” section and select the “Easy Roaming+” service, then click “Activate.” That’s it. I’ve marked everything in the screenshots. The interface will be in Russian since the app only supports Russian and Kazakh languages.

Activation of "Easy roaming" service on Beeline Kazakhstan
Activation of "Easy roaming" service on Beeline Kazakhstan
Activation of "Easy roaming" service on Beeline Kazakhstan

If you don’t have the app, you can dial the USSD code *120*125#

The service fee will be deducted immediately, but for added assurance, you can make a call to any other number. It will cost you 59 tenge per minute in CIS countries, and if you are in any other country, it will be 99 tenge per minute.

Afterward, deactivate the service. You can do this through the app by going to “My Number” → “Services,” and then simply turn off the specified service.

Deactivation of "Easy roaming" service on Beeline KZ
Activation of "Easy roaming" service on Beeline Kazakhstan

If you don’t have the app, dial the USSD code *120*025#
That’s it; now your number will be preserved for the next few months.
But if you forget to do this or don’t want to pay, you can subscribe to the “Simka v Seyfe” (Sim in a Safe) service.
To do this, go to the “Messages” section in the app and then enter the “Online Chat.”

Online chat in Beeline KZ application

In the online chat, type “Услуги для подключения” (Services for connection) in Russian, you can copy the phrase from here and paste it into the chatbot. The bot will present you with options; you need to choose “Услуги для подключения” (Services for connection).

Correspondence with Beeline Kazakhstan chatbot

In the following prompts, select “Симка в сейфе” (Sim in a Safe).

Selecting the "SIM in safe" service in Beeline KZ chatbot

I already have the service activated, for you, just press the “Подключить” (Connect) button. That’s it; they will deduct 1 tenge from you every month, which is a negligible amount. The service is activated for 17 months and then automatically deactivated, but it’s better to check its availability since the terms of service may change or it could be discontinued altogether.

If you don’t have the app, you can subscribe via USSD by dialing *241#

To deactivate this service, use the command *241*0#

When using this service, you will receive SMS messages, so it doesn’t block your number.

I use the second and third options, just in case, to make sure I don’t lose my number.

The option with the “Simka v Seyfe” service worked perfectly for six months; I didn’t perform any paid actions, and my number remained with me.

So, this service should be sufficient to prevent Beeline from deactivating your number.

With that, I bid you farewell, and I hope this guide helps you in preserving your Kazakhstan Beeline number. Best of luck and all the best!

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